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Adam Peaty

SIRO will be building TEAM SIRO, a Team of key athletes from around the world who will each play an advisory role as SIRO develops the fitness and wellness elements at the heart of the immersive lifestyle experience. The first ambassador is GB Olympic gold medalist swimmer Adam Peaty – an Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champion, and favourite to win Olympic gold again later this year in Tokyo.

As part of TEAM SIRO, Adam will bring his unrivalled experience, insight and understanding of all aspects of high-performance lifestyle, holistic health, and wellbeing. He personifies everything we are looking to achieve with SIRO – he is the embodiment of living your fullest potential, and we are excited to bring Adam on board at the very start of our SIRO journey.

“It has been fascinating to learn about the ambitions of SIRO, an exciting new experience that seems to be missing in the space. And for me to be asked to play a part in the development of these new hotel destinations is a privilege. As an elite athlete who strives for perfection in everything I do, I know just how important the tiny details are with an environment such as this. From the tranquility of the bedrooms to the best-in-class nutritional advice, to the state-of-the-art fitness facilities and recovery lab, SIRO is genuinely leading the way and revolutionizing the guest experience.”

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